The main criterion, performed by B2B store for interaction with customers - the relevance of information on the web service. In order to adhere to this criteria, the web service is tightly integrated with the company's accounting system to customers always looking through available product catalogs, at any convenient time, saw for themselves all the necessary information. For example, current prices, quantity of goods in a particular warehouse, because sometimes it is more profitable to buy from far warehouse than to wait from the main and much more. Fine tuning is done both from the side web service, and from the account system, while due to the fact that all partners are imported accounting system and their contracts, each counterparty may have its own price, which is not an unimportant factor.

In B2B sales, there is often a situation where one client works from several legal entities, for each of which, their trading conditions can be established. In such cases, the system has a mechanism for tying one counterparty to another and the client having one common user cabinet can simultaneously make orders from different counterparties. Sometimes, when the company own goods for various reasons are not in stock, in such cases, a separate module is connected to the system, which allows displaying the goods from partner warehouses already taking into account the commissioned commission. The delivery of goods is carried out in three types of tiles, a list or table, mostly those who order the goods already know how it looks and displaying information in a tabular form for them is acceptable.

Also in B2B store there is a possibility to regularly inform your customers through the news feed, that is in the personal account, for example about possible promotions, news, markdowns, sales or something else. It is very convenient to be constantly aware of what is happening in the company of the supplier, and solves the problem of having to call a personal manager, since all the necessary information is available in one place. By the way, in the case of the latter, the personal manager in the B2B store is assigned to each client with his contacts and the ability to write directly.

Very convenient functionality for working in the B2B store is to reserve the goods or add it to the waiting list. In the first case, this function allows you to pre-select and reserve the goods for a certain period of time while it is in stock. But here you need to understand that if you do not have time to make an order on time, then the system can return the goods back to the presence of warehouse balances. In the second case, the functional provides if the current commodity item is not in stock, you can add it to the waiting list and when the goods arrive at the warehouse system automatically sends a message to the email about the availability of the trade item .

Thus, the B2B service does not significantly change the business processes in the company, but aims to simplify them.