Document management

One of the important functions that the B2B store performs when interacting with customers and in principle different from retail online stores - repayment of arrears and delinquencies under contracts, which due to close integration with the accounting system were imported into the system. In life It often happens that the supplier companies work with a deferred payment and the customer becomes very comfortable when he can at any time go into your personal account and check the current balance of payments under contracts.

Depending on the policy that the supplier signing a contract with a client is to provide special conditions to customers who can be calculated when placing an order in a non-national currency. This type of contract has the status of a multi-currency and when forming an order in a personal account, it can receive a more loyal price for itself.

In the sphere of wholesale sales, the supplier company often accompanies the order with a lot of documents (invoices, freight invoices and other documentation) when ordering. В2В store gives the client an opportunity to get a full set of documents in the client's personal cabinet, and also that it will always be timely to form a reconciliation act. As practice shows, customers taking advantage of this opportunity remain very satisfied with the service provided to them, because it is very convenient.