Today's realities are such that, in the face of tough market competition,the decisive factor for the success of the company is a strong trusting relationship with customers. Quality service customers in many areas of activity already have, almost the only competitive advantage,which makes the customer come more often and buy more and more. New standard by which customers judge the quality of the product - providing them with quality service. Unfortunately, not all companies understand this and one of the main problems are that managers do not want to treat customer service as marketing strategy. Many people tend to regard it as something like after-sales service,to a perfect transaction, and not to future sales.

On the example of B2B store you can confidently say that this software. The product is aimed at helping companies more easily interact with their customers and do not depend on specific employees. Thanks to this product, a new communication channel is opened for customers, both say the share of the company's accounting system data, where the client will always be comfortable to work with. In practice, the use of such a product became to provide its customers with improved service, as well as more efficient tool to increase sales and profits than marketing, promotion or advertising. It is safe to say that after the launch of the B2B store quantity errors in documents will be reduced many times, the number of orders in non-working hours will grow substantially the processing time for applications and billing will be reduced, and as a result increase the average cost of one order.

Thus, B2B store provides its customers with better service and operational services and helps to bring the relationship to a new level, thereby raising its own image and competitive advantage.