Interaction with the staff

In any market, manufacturing and wholesale companies often face the problem of increasing the efficiency of their sales department. By and large, most of these enterprises still accept orders by phone, email or other analogue methods. Often this method of sales leads to gaps in communication between the supplier and the customer, makes it dependent on specific employees, accidents and the human factor, and thus the risks of uncontrolled operations in the enterprise only grow. Scale business, relying on such methods of work, it is simply impossible.

To solve these kinds of problems, the B2B software complex was developed, which reduces the influence of the human factor in the enterprise and helps to solve the main problems. Such a complex is a web-based platform that closely integrates with the 1C accounting system. Thanks to this, the opportunity is given directly, without the need to call up a manager, to always see the actual availability of the goods in the supplier's warehouse at their own set price. В2В store gives an opportunity to the client independently to make the order, and to control that which has been made by the usual way for it. As a result, the opacity of transaction processes for customers is significantly reduced, and for the manager, in turn, the time spent on processing them. In this way, managers are freeing up their free time, which can be used for their intended purpose, for example, to restructure their employment by assigning other duties (studying the assortment, exploring new markets, competitors) or directing them to search for new customers.

In the end, it can be noted that having implemented such a software package, the quality of service provision in the company will only grow and the issue related to the efficiency of the sales department will be solved.