Development of a B2B portal for oils and lubricants for IK Nanoprotek LLC


Innovative company "NANOPROTEC" for more than 11 years, it has been offering revolutionary products on the Ukrainian market to protect equipment and improve the quality indicators of any mechanisms. Today, the company can offer its customers products: intelligent lubricating compositions, oil, nano-cosmetics, aerosols, fuel additives, technical liquids.

Web-site: http://nanoprotec.ua/


Orders were accompanied by telephone through sales representatives, since they had basic communication with the client. Accordingly, so that at that moment he didn’t do business (he was driving on the road, he was in negotiations with the client), he understood that the client’s call is very important for him, because the order is naturally his money and salary. At that moment, he threw everything, stopped on the road or left the meeting room at another client or called back later and wrote down this order on a “piece of paper”. At the same time, the sales representative did not have any remote access to any modern system, so it was transferred in the same way (damaged telephone) to sales managers who were in the back office and asked to place an order for the client. And such a cycle of orders occurred through 2 hands. Accordingly, this did not suit, because the task of the merchant was definitely not to take orders over the phone or via instant messengers, who also practiced in the company, but to go in for the formation of demand. And the buyer would be better to offer an alternative channel of communication with the company, where you can make orders in the modern version without the participation of people. And now the time came when the number of orders approached a certain critical mass and not only the sales representatives, but also the manager constantly sat on two phones. The general loss of information could have suffered from this (they didn’t get through to someone, someone didn’t get an order, etc.), and since the company had previous experience with online systems where they were deployed in other directions, it was decided to move in this modern direction.


The goal was very simple and clear; completely remove the first and second hands between the client and the 1C accounting system so that the formation of orders already took place in the program itself and sales representatives and managers did not participate in this. Of course, there was an idea that orders should be immediately launched to the assembly to the warehouse, bypassing the managers, but still taking into account that customers are not yet an advanced audience in Internet technologies, it was decided to place orders with 1C for the manager. Which in turn remains to check the order for correctness and press the button to release the expenditure invoice so that the order goes to the warehouse.


1) Develop a very simple, and most importantly a convenient tool for customers. In this case, be sure to take into account that the latter, in turn, are very lazy about innovations in the company.;

2) Implement an adaptive layout of your personal account for the mobile version;

3) Display receivables in plain view;

4) The ability to move an order from history to cart;

5) Provide access to the full package of documents;


In this project, we again faced the fact that the customer needed only a closed part of the system, access to which would be available only to a certain number of clients. At the time of development of the client B2B portal, the customer already had its own modern website, so it was decided to take only the closed part platforms B2B store, create a separate domain address and perform integration work with the 1C 8.3 accounting system.

1) Despite the feedback from all of our previous customers that the client office is already very convenient to use, we still had to take into account such human quality as laziness, where the customers of Nanoprotek would have looked at the modern way of online ordering with a little enthusiasm. We knew that buyers can take a certain type of product, but only in different packaging (packaging). And the first thing we did was transfer all types of packaging into the product card itself. Now, when changing the packaging (1, 4, 20 and 200 liters) of the same type of oil, its article is changed, availability in stock and, most importantly, the personal price of the customer, according to its trading conditions. At the same time, the personal account page is not updated, this is also important, and now the client does not need to “bounce” throughout the directory.

2) Further, so that the system could be used to its fullest, we added the ability to select oils through the search field, according to such a property as viscosity (5w30, 10w40, etc.). This feature was aimed at those customers who do not particularly remember the names and articles of products, and there may be a million suppliers. Therefore, if earlier it was necessary to get some piece of paper to look somewhere, now you can enter the property value in the search field and get the necessary information on your screen, i.e. access to products in this way is greatly facilitated.

3) The next important task was to be able to work on smartphones. That there was an adaptive layout of the client cabinet for all types of electronic devices. Because, such a function would be useful not only for customers who trade in the markets, but also for employees as well. Now, it will not be necessary, as before, to carry the sales representatives with them a folder of prices, but rather from the tablet or from the phone, while being at the customer, say its price online. Such an opportunity is due to the fact that every merchant can “fall through” into the personal account of the client assigned to him and give him the necessary information. Using this function, sales representatives also including training on working in the system. Thus, a client can stand on the market and whether or not he has a computer or not, and if there is still internet in it, he can enter his personal account from the phone, where there is mobile Internet, see what he needs and make an order in two clique.

4) In the counterparty panel in the middle of the screen placed information about the current state of the balance under contracts. At the same time, the information is displayed in the form of a hyperlink, so that the client has the opportunity to click and fall through to the “Balance” section, where full decryption of the debts is provided. All delays are highlighted in red, plus they attached a document opposite each order, so that the client, if he forgot what he had previously bought, could open it and see the entire list of goods.

5) Considering that by and large all the company's dealers work with a dedicated list of positions that may differ, perhaps, depending on the season, in the menu section they added the “Orders” tab where all previously placed orders will be displayed, with the ability to move it from the history immediately to the cart. Terms of delivery and payment at the same time will be automatically filled. Such a function was specially added, because again customer care, that you don’t need to type anything, you climbed in the last order, removed what you don’t need or added and the order can be ready at the touch of a button.

6) On the side of the site in the "Journal" section, the extracts of all the documents that are found in the document circulation were displayed. Documents are sorted by tabs: Orders (invoices), Invoices, Return invoices, B / N payment. The very first document a customer receives is an invoice that is automatically generated without the intervention of a manager. The client receives it on the page of thanks, after which this document is stored in the journal. Other documents appear as they are created and processed, and also immediately appear on the side of the site in your account. Additionally, the tab has been added B / N payment, it recorded all non-cash payments made by the client through a checking account, i.e. The entry cash order was recorded. Now the client will have access to all documents, plus more transparency in tracking funds and will not have to bother the company's staff once again..


According to the results of the first 10 months of the B2B platform, Nanoprotek was able to increase the overall sales plan and turnover by about 50%, while the load increased only in the warehouse, in terms of order assembly, shipping / loading. Issuing invoices to the back-office, which do not need to be stuffed, did not increase the load at all, i.e. by and large, the manager, that 10 invoices per day to print out to the printer of the warehouse, which is 100, then let it be plus 30 minutes of work. But it is no longer necessary to create an order in 1C as before, according to the received list and at the same time spend time on adjusting for balances, checking prices and other things. Those. the order processing operation was reduced by a factor of 10. It has become much easier to work with receivables, because now the client has all the data before his eyes, the client sees, understands and pays himself. Accordingly, the level of accounts receivable significantly decreased and there were fewer calls made, compared to how it was before, manually ring up, send a reconciliation report from 1C and secondary issues related to debt.

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